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Recently, McDonald’s customers were placed at risk unnecessarily due to the lack of a clear vulnerability disclosure process . What if they had had a “security@” email address set up for receiving reports? The U.S. Department of Defense refers to this as “See something, say something” for the digital domain.
Unfortunately, too many companies like McDonald’s still do not have open lines of communication with the security community. As many as 94% of the companies in the Forbes Global 2000 do NOT have a known vulnerability disclosure program.
Our mission at HackerOne is to empower the world to build a safer internet. We would love nothing more than to reverse that 94%, and today’s announcement is a big step in making that dream a reality…
Introducing Email Forwarding, which enables you to have security@ emails sent directly to your HackerOne Security Inbox. If a friendly hacker discovers a vulnerability and sends their finding in an email to ” “, the content of that email becomes a new report that lands in your Inbox.
This lets you supercharge your email-powered security@ with the sophisticated HackerOne platform that enables efficient handling of incoming vulnerability reports at scale.
Best of all, it’s FREE.
Let us know what you think at . To see upcoming as well as previously released features, check out our public product roadmap at .
Nisha Nallasivam, Andrew Wong, Jan Deelstra and the HackerOne team
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