New Zoom Flaw Let Hackers to Record Meetings Anonymously valccru, uniccms

A new Zoom flaw lets hackers record Zoom meeting sessions and to capture the chat text without the knowledge of meeting participants’ even though host disables recording option for the participants.
Zoom is an online video communication platform that has features such as video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration.
At the time of recording none of the participants aware that the session is recorded and the Zoom malware has full control over the outputs.
This opens a way for hackers to spy on Zoom sessions, as hackers already started selling thousands of Compromised Usernames and Passwords of Zoom Accounts Listed on Dark Web Forum.
“Furthermore, Zoom is usually a trusted application; turning it into an info-stealer in this way acts as a means of evading detection and bypassing prevention, “reads Morphisec blog post .
Morphisec reported the vulnerability to Zoom and also shared a video describing how this malware works in detail;
Earlier this month multiple vulnerabilities discovered with Zoom’s Windows and macOS clients, those vulnerabilities allow attackers to escalate privileges with macOS and to steal login credentials with windows.
Motherboard reported that now hackers started selling zero-day exploits on the dark web forums, by exploiting the vulnerability attackers can hack and spy users.
This is not a Zoom flaw. You can use any recording software such as Quicktime to record a screen and no meeting application including Zoom will know.
That´s right, but the problem is, those vulnerabilities allow attackers to escalate privileges, and steal login credentials with windows. This is another level of security. Usernames and Passwords are Compromised.
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