Hackers Steal 800,000€ from ATMs in Italy Using Black Box attack uni-ccbz, unicccz

A criminal organization has stolen money from a minimum of 35 ATMs and Post Office cash dispensers operated by Italian banks with a new  Black Box attack  technique.
The Carabinieri of Monza dismantled by the gang, the Italian law enforcement agency confirmed that the cybercrime organization stole about 800,000€ in mere 7 months using the ATM  Black Box attack.
This was announced by the provincial command of the capital, which investigated 12 people of which, 6 of them were arrested, over the past weekend, following a decree of the arrest of a suspect issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Monza, for the accusations of criminal association aimed toward the commission of aggravated theft.  
Monza Investigative Unit initiated the investigation last September, made it possible to document numerous cyber-attacks called ‘black boxes’ against ATMs, consisting of “crediting” as a “system administrator” and then obtaining the “delivery of all cash” from ATMs.
According to local media , the gang had numerous logistical bases within the provinces of Milan, Monza, Bologna, Modena, Rome, Viterbo, Mantua, Vicenza, and Parma.
 “Black box” can be a kind of jackpotting attack destined at forcing an ATM to dispense cash. The unapproved device (typically obscure Box or tablet) that sends administrators orders on to the machine to “money out” the ATM. Lawbreakers access the ATM prime Box regularly by boring gaps or liquefying to physically associate such devices.
In this attack, a black box device, like a mobile device or a Raspberry, is physically connected to the ATM and is used by the attackers to send commands to the machine.
The ATM black box attacks are quite popular within the cybercrime underground and several other threat actors offer the hardware equipment and malware that would be used to compromise the ATMs.
Poorly protected ATMs are more exposed to the present sort of attack because criminals can easily tamper with their case to connect the mobile device.
Diebold Nixdorf, a number one manufacturer of ATMs, issued an alert to customers warning all banks of a new variant of ATM black box or jackpotting attacks. The alert was issued after the Argenta Bank in Belgium was forced to shut down 143 ATMs after a jackpotting attack. All the compromised machines were  Diebold Nixdorf ProCash 2050xe  devices.
According to the  security alert  issued by Diebold Nixdorf, and obtained by ZDNet, the new variation of black-box attacks has been used in certain countries across Europe.
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